Eileen McGuckin grew up in Northern England where she became an art student in the sixties, qualifying from the University of Newcastle on Tyne, and subsequently taught Fine Art in the course of an educational career that lasted over thirty years.

From the seventies onwards she  concentrated on English landscape painting in gouache, water color, and acrylics, and had many successful exhibitions in this style.  As well as landscapes, she occasionally undertook portraits of children and adults.

From 1979 onwards she began to study and practice iconographic painting, and in 1993 she received the blessing of the Romanian Orthodox Church hierarchy to be an ecclesiastical Icon-Painter in the Eastern Christian traditions of art (Byzantine and Russian Iconography).

Since 1995 this has become the main focus of her work. She came to New York in 1997 and opened the Icon Studio, serving as her workshop and  permanent gallery. Since then she has become much sought-after as a Church painter, and now works full-time as a professional iconographer, undertaking private commissions for individuals, as well as for institutions in the United States and Europe.

Her work can be found not only in Orthodox, but also in Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian churches in this country. Her iconographic work has also been featured on many book covers for religious publishers in Europe and America; and has illustrated several encyclopedias and other reference works dealing with the  eastern Christian world. The originals of her icon panels range from small  pieces for the home, typically 12 by 14 inches on wood, to much larger ‘Church-size’ panels, up to six feet in height.

For Commissions of original Icons, (or reproduction icons on boards) in a variety of sizes and styles contact the Artist:

The Icon Studio
99 Claremont Avenue
New York, NY 10027
Tel: (212) 280-1592