Named in honor of Divine Wisdom, the Sophia Institute is an independent Orthodox educational charity housed at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary in New York City that serves as a gathering force for contemporary Orthodox scholars, theologians, spiritual teachers, and ethicists.

The Sophia Institute aims to encourage the study of the Eastern Christian Tradition - its history, thought, liturgical and spiritual cultures - as well as issues of its ecumenical and social - ethical engagement with the contemporary world.

Some of Our Work

  • The Hospitality of Abraham

    The Hospitality of Abraham

    Icon Reference: Old Testament Trinity. Gessoed board. Russian 14th century style (after Rublev). 12.5 x 9.5. 2015

  • Our Lady Jerusalem

    Our Lady Jerusalem

    Icon Reference: Our Lady of Jerusalem 2015.

  • James the Just

    James the Just

    Icon Reference: Saint James the Just 2014. Gessoed poplar board. 24 ct. Gold detail.

  • Maximus the Confessor

    Maximus the Confessor

    Icon Reference: Maximos the Confessor 2014. Gessoed Birch Panel. 23k. Gold Leaf. Neo-Byzantine style.